INT-01 Routine Interferents

ASSURANCE™ Interference Test Kit by Sun Diagnostics has been specifically designed with manufacturers and laboratories in mind.

ASSURANCE™ will aide manufacturers in determining assay interference and assist laboratories in verifying manufacturer’s claims for the most common interfering substances.
Human-source materials and purified chemicals are used to prepare concentrated interferents that are ready to be spiked into your specific matrix.

Interferents and Typical Values:

Interferent Typical Concentration Volume Per Vial Reorder Number Component Price
Triglyceride-rich lipoproteins >15,000 mg/dL 1 mL INT-01T $325
Hemolysate >10,000 mg/dL hemoglobin 1.4 mL INT-01H $190
Protein >10 g/dL albumin
>10 g/dL γ-globulins
1.4 mL INT-01P $190
Conjugated Bilirubin >400 mg/dL 1 mL INT-01B $100
>400 mg/dL 1 mL INT-01BU
(Includes Unconjugated bilirubin and NaOH)
(for Bu; spike into control pool)
0.1N 1 mL
ASSURANCETM Interference Test KIt 1 vial of each component INT-01


Interferents are available individually, in customer-defined configurations, or, as INT-01. INT-01 includes one vial of each of the most common interferents.


  • Care should be used when evaluating assays for interference using native, human-sourced materials:
    • Triglyceride-rich lipoprotein (TRL) material may contain background constituents, such as sucrose or glucose, which may react with glucose assays and erroneously indicate interference from TRL.
    • Human albumin may bind cations (such as calcium, sodium, potassium, or magnesium), iron, thyroxine, fatty acids, bilirubin, and homocysteine.
    • Drug and drug metabolites may bind to albumin, gamma-globulins, and lipoproteins.
  • Typical concentrations are intended as a guide only. Laboratory should determine actual values before proceeding with interference experiment(s).
  • INT-01 should not be used past the expiration date listed on the kit box. Refer to Interferent vials for expiration of individually purchased components or custom kit configurations.
  • If there is evidence of microbial contamination discard the vial.
  • This product is not intended for use as a control, standard or calibrator.
  • Information gathered from experiments performed using ASSURANCE™ Interference Test Kit should not be used to adjust patient results. Confirm results with an alternate method when necessary.

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