Endogenous Interferents: Beyond Hemolysis, Lipemia, and Icterus

Certainly the “big 3” are important, but other endogenous metabolites may also interfere with common laboratory tests. Among the endogenous interferents, these seven circulate at relatively high concentration and can interfere with spectrophotometric assays: creatinine, glucose, glycerol, lactate, pyruvate, uric acid, and urea. CLSI has recommended concentrations and protocols for testing these potential interferents (Interference Testing in Clinical Chemistry; Approved Guidelines (EP07-A2), and Sun Diagnostics now has a kit to simplify testing for these endogenous metabolites: INT-06. The metabolites come in individual vials at 20-fold the CLSI recommended test concentrations so that they are easily spiked into serum or urine pools for analysis.

ASSURANCE Endogenouse Interferents Test Kit
PN: INT-06 Price: $600
Includes: One vial of each component, 1ml
Individual Interferents $100/vial
Interferent ASSURANCE
Component PN
CREATININE 8840 µmol/L INT-06C
GLUCOSE 1100 mmol/L INT-06GLU
GLYCEROL 13.92 mmol/L INT-06GLY
LACTATE 132 mmol/L INT-06LAC
PYRUVATE 6180 µmol/L INT-06PYR
UREA 858 mmol/L INT-06U
URIC ACID 28 mmol/L INT-06UA
(Includes NaOH for control pool)

Items for Download:
INT-06 Package Insert
Results Reporting and Data Analysis Spreadsheet – please email for spreadsheet.