INT-05 Additional Drug Interferents

Available: metoclopramide, prochlorperazine, dexamethasone, ciprofloxacin, famotidine, diphenyhydramine, and furosemide, pamidronate, tamoxifen, everolimus, atorvastatin, gabapentin, glipizide, and levothyroxine. $100 each.

Drug components and concentrations are based on recommendations by the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).1The concentrations are 20 times the recommended test concentrations, allowing a 1:20 dilution with serum/urine pool.

Interferents and Typical Values Table:

Additional ASSURANCE™ Drug Interferents

Available individually or in customer defined configurations.
Each vial contains 1 mL Price: $100 each
Interferent ASSURANCE™ Concentration* Component Part Number
Metoclopramide 30 µmol/L INT-05MET
Prochlorperazine 53.4 µmol/L INT-05PRO
Dexamethasone** 30.6 µmol/L INT-05DEX
Ciprofloxacin 604 µmol/L INT-05CIP
Famotidine 35.6 µmol/L INT-05FAM
Diphenhydramine 392 µmol/L INT-05DIP
Furosemide** 3620 µmol/L INT-05FUR
Pamidronate 156.6 µg/mL INT-05PAM
Tamoxifen 80 µmol/L INT-05TAM
Everolimus 900 ng/mL INT-05EVE
Atorvastatin 12000 µg/l INT-05ATO
Gabapentin 10520 mol/L INT-05GAB
Glipizide 89.6 mol/L INT-05GLI
Levothyroxine 25.8 mol/L INT-05LEV
0.2% DMSO As Control INT-05D
100% Ethanol As Control INT-04E
0.1N NaOH As Control INT-01N


Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).Interference Testing in Clinical Chemistry; Approved Guideline ̶ Second Edition. CLSI document EP7-A2 (ISBN 1-56238-584-4). Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, 940 West Valley Road, Suite 1400, Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087-1898 USA, 2005.


  • Refer to Interferent vials for expiration of individually purchased components or custom kit configurations.
  • If there is evidence of microbial contamination discard the vial.
  • This product is not intended for use as a control, standard or calibrator.
  • Information gathered from experiments performed using ASSURANCE™ Interference Test Kits should not be used to adjust patient results. Confirm results with an alternate method when necessary.

Items for Download:
INT-05 Package Insert
INT-05 Safety Data Sheet
Drug Interference Testing Protocol
Results Reporting and Data Analysis Spreadsheet – please email for spreadsheet.