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Sun Diagnostics LLC is located in Maine and is not affiliated with Sun Health Diagnostics in Florida.

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Sun Diagnostics, LLC strives to identify and develop solutions and products for the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry that will contribute to the advancement of laboratory medicine and improve healthcare. Our focus is on innovative products that meet the needs of patients, clinicians, laboratories, and researchers.

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Inteference Test Kits


Highly Customized Interference Test Kits

What are the Assurance interference test kits?

Simplified Interference Testing

Sun Diagnostics simplifies interference testing with the ASSURANCE™ product line. ASSURANCE™ Interference Test Kits have been specifically designed with laboratories and manufacturers in mind.

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Whether you are a researcher, a laboratory, or a manufacturer,
products from Sun Diagnostics are made for you.


SunDx QC materials can be made to your specifications, for your “home-brew” assays or at different..


SunDx QC material provides an independent, 3rd party evaluation of your assay and instrument system.


SunDx QC materials are human serum- based and more similar to patient samples.

The Best In Vitro Diagnostic System Designed Only For You

While we have a line of specialized products for the In Vitro Diagnostic Industry, we welcome opportunities to work with fellow scientists in conceptualizing and creating products. Our goal is straight forward: the advancement of laboratory medicine and improvement healthcare.


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