This ASSURANCE™ Interference Test Kit by Sun Diagnostics has been specifically designed with manufacturers and laboratories in mind.

ASSURANCE™ will aide manufacturers in determining assay interference and assist laboratories in verifying manufacturer’s claims for the most common interfering substances.

Human-source materials and purified chemicals are used to prepare concentrated interferents that are ready to be spiked into your specific matrix.

New INT-01 Test Kit from Sun Diagnostics
ASSURANCE Interference Test Kit for Routine Interferents
PN: INT-01 Price: $1100
Includes: One vial of each component
Each vial contains 1 mL unless noted
Component Price Component PN
Triglyceride-rich lipoproteins Human >15,000 mg/dL $510 INT-01T
Sucrose and NaCl (for TRL control ) Pure Chemicals 150 g/L/4.5 g/L
Hemolysate (1.4 mL) Human >10,000 mg/dL $260 INT-01H
Protein (1.4 mL) Human albumin and γ-globulins >20 g/dL $260 INT-01P
Conjugated Bilirubin Purified Chemical >400 mg/dL $140 INT-01B
Unconjugated Bilirubin Porcine >400 mg/dL $140 INT-01BU
NaOH (for Bu control) Pure Chemical 0.1N

Interferents are available individually, in customer-defined configurations, or, as INT-01. INT-01 includes one vial of each of the most common interferents.

  • Care should be used when evaluating assays for interference using native, human-sourced materials:
    1. Triglyceride-rich lipoprotein (TRL) material contains sucrose and sodium chloride, which may affect glucose and electrolyte assays; use appropriate control solution.
    2. Human albumin may bind cations (such as calcium, sodium, potassium, or magnesium), iron, thyroxine, fatty acids, bilirubin, and homocysteine.
    3. Drug and drug metabolites may bind to albumin, gamma-globulins, and lipoproteins.
  • Typical concentrations are intended as a guide only. Laboratory should determine actual values before proceeding with interference experiment(s).
  • INT-01 should not be used past the expiration date listed on the kit box. Refer to Interferent vials for expiration of individually purchased components or custom kit configurations.
  • If there is evidence of microbial contamination discard the vial.
  • This product is not intended for use as a control, standard or calibrator.
  • Information gathered from experiments performed using ASSURANCE™ Interference Test Kit should not be used to adjust patient results. Confirm results with an alternate method when necessary.

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