Interference occurs when an endogenous or exogenous substance alters an assay result. Manufacturers are required to perform interference testing during assay development. Laboratories may choose to verify these claims as part of Good Laboratory Practice or while investigating questionable results.

Sun Diagnostics simplifies interference testing with the ASSURANCE™ product line. ASSURANCE™ Interference Test Kits have been specifically designed with laboratories and manufacturers in mind. The interferents are high quality, highly concentrated materials from human sources (where possible) or purified chemicals. Recommended procedures and data analysis tools are also available. Interferents are available as kit or individual vials to best match users’ needs.

Sun Diagnostics offers ASSURANCE™ Interference Test Kits for:

  • INT-01 (Routine Interferents) 
    Contains: Triglyceride-rich lipoproteins, hemolysate, protein, conjugated bilirubin, and unconjugated bilirubin. INT-01 $1100
  • INT-02 HAMA 
    Contains: 5 different HAMA positive serum samples. $2200
  • INT-03 RF 
    Contains: 5 different RF positive plasma samples at high concentrations. $895
  • INT-04 Drug Interferents 
    Contains: acetylcysteine, ampicillin Na, cefoxitin Na, doxycycline HCl, theophylline, levodopa, methyldopa, metronidazole, acetylsalicylic acid, ibuprofen, phenylbutazone, rifampicin, cyclosporine, acetaminophen and heparin. INT-04 $1400
  • INT-06 Endogenous Interferents 
    Contains: creatinine, glucose, glycerol, lactate, pyruvate, urea, and uric acid. INT-06 $650
  • INT-09 (Additional Interferents) 
    Available: biotin
  • Custom Interferents 
    Please contact us regarding your custom interferents needs.

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