The Importance of Independent, Third-Party Quality Controls

You probably have not put as much thought into the clinical importance of independent, 3rd party quality control as Dr. Sonntag which is why we would like to share this article with you. As pointed out by Dr. Sonntag, ISO15189 states that, “The use of an independent third-party quality control should be considered either in place of or in addition to the quality control materials provided by the reagent or assay manufacturer.” Clinically important drift or shifts in the assay are best detected with 3rd party QC, which is why some savvy clients have asked us to create custom serum-based QC material for them.

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What are the Assurance interference test kits?

Simplified Interference Testing

Sun Diagnostics simplifies interference testing with the ASSURANCE™ product line. ASSURANCE™ Interference Test Kits have been specifically designed with laboratories and manufacturers in mind.

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