Given the renewed interest in Lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)], Sun Diagnostics is pleased to re-introduce our Lipoprotein(a) Particle Number [Lp(a)-P] ELISA for use in the quantitative measurement of Lp(a).

Lipoprotein (a) is an LDL-like particle with a unique glycoprotein, apo(a), covalently attached to apo B. Like LDL, Lp(a) is atherogenic and elevated Lp(a) concentrations are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Commercial assays are flawed due to bias associated with apo(a) size heterogeneity. Measured Lp(a) concentration will be falsely elevated in individuals whose Lp(a) is made up of larger apo(a) isoforms and falsely low in individuals whose Lp(a) is made up of smaller apo(a) isoforms. Sun Diagnostic’s Lp(a)-P assay uses the apo B moiety for detection, instead of apo(a). Because there is one molecule of apo B per particle, and because apo B is not subject to size isoform bias like apo (a), the Sun Diagnostics ELISA measures the number of Lp(a) particles in the circulation, in units of nanomoles per liter (nmol/L).

Typically, this is a product made-to-order, with lots manufactured for each researcher.   However, Sun Diagnostics is pleased to have a limited number of Lp(a)-P Particle number ELISAs ON THE SHELF and available for shipment upon receipt of Purchase Order.  Please email support@sundiagnostics.us for more information or to submit a purchase order. 

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