LipoSep IP™ Immunoprecipitation Reagent

LipoSep IP is a highly specific immunoprecipitation reagent for the isolation of HDL particles in human serum.

Characterization of high density lipoproteins (HDL) is currently the focus of intense study. The challenge for researchers is to isolate HDL particles for measurement of cholesterol and other components that may explain function or better monitor therapeutic efficacy. Traditional approaches have their drawbacks: electrophoresis and ultracentrifugation are labor intensive, technically demanding, and may alter particle composition and structure; chemical precipitation may be incomplete or not adequately capture all HDL subclasses; homogeneous methods for HDL cholesterol measurement have proven to be inadequate in patients with certain lipoprotein abnormalities.

The straightforward procedure of immunoprecipitation with LipoSep IP™ allows quantitative separation of HDL particles, without altering lipoprotein particle composition. LipoSep IP™ is added to the sample, vortexed, incubated, centrifuged, and then HDL components are measured in the supernatant.

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